Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AWP conference, Boston

It's time for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference, where would-be writers and publishers and agents come together to celebrate the craft, and network, network, network.  Or at least that's what I've been told; this is my first time in attendance, and I will be wandering the crowds as a nobody-anyone-has-heard-of, another small fish in the big pond and so on and other analogies everyone's tired of hearing.

Boston is, of course, a wonderful town, or at least it would be if the sky could only decide which manner of precipitation to spatter upon my glasses.  But then again a writer's favorite color is gray (or was it red?) so perhaps it fits that clouds gather over the city.

As for myself, the weather brought out my creative ambitions, and I was soon transported to a local coffee shop, and I, in a fit of ambition and boredom, wrote a short story in one sitting.  It's called "Coda," and it does not take place in Boston, nor does it take place on a gray day.  I like to draw my inspiration from the world that is not around me.

As for the coffee shop: the crowd is nice, the price is nice, the music is nice... but it, unfortunately  is no replacement for my regular hangout back in my fair city.  Truth be told, I miss my old hangout back in my old fair city; I have fond memories of sitting out front, smoking cigarettes and chatting about all manner of things with the best people I've ever met...

The last time I was in Boston I explored the ins-and-outs along with my favorite person, but this time, I am here alone, and it has been a long time since I wandered American streets without a companion.  It is both liberating and lonely to be just one of the crowd in someone else's town, although part of me suspects that the natives are aware that I do not belong.  Perhaps it is my scent.  I must be cautious if I am to observe them undetected.

If, by chance or by design, you should find yourself in Boston, you should consider attending the AWP Conference.  And, if, again by chance or design, you attend the AWP Conference, you should check out the Cobalt Review, table Y16, and say hello to Andrew Keating.  Buy his book (if you like) or a copy of Cobalt or Ampersand.  Another stop should be Cardinal Sins, at table R16.  I've been published in that latter one... although not anytime recently.  Pick up a copy anyway.

And if you happen to see me walking around, say hello, and (if you like) we'll ditch the thing and go get a drink.
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